Thursday, June 23, 2011

My First Review!

The Old School House High School planner is not your everyday lesson reminder, it’s a detailed organizer that keeps record of everything you’ve done during your school year. From field trips to family finances to book logs. It begins with a 2011-2013 calendar which includes four different styled layouts. It continues with insightful articles written by home school graduates, dorm room dinners, a guide to eating healthy in college, and create your own high school course. It has an informational must know list that includes various topics such as common Latin and Greek roots, types of writing styles, countries and capitals, body systems, and a timeline of inventions ranging from things like the first battery to the first steam boat to the first soft drink. It includes helpful organizational sheets for your daily, weekly, monthly, and semester goals. As well as high school GPA recording log, vocabulary study sheet, Music instrument practice sheet, and journal pages. It has a list section with pages like loaned and borrowed list, people I’d like to learn more about, chores, three things to accomplish today, and dates to remember. I would highly recommend this planner, my mom and I are excited to use it this school year.
The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planner  can be purchased here!